Bri Eggers

One More Time

I’ll save you from the blog karaoke tonight – but I will mention again that the theme of this long holiday weekend forecast is still “twoRead More

Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad

I love when the weather forecast calls for the perfect soundtrack!  Looking at the 3-day weekend, I’d say Meatloaf is on the track with theRead More

Spring is Back

Rain totals haven’t been too impressive as of yet today; most areas coming in with trace amounts up to around 0.10″ at 5pm.  It mayRead More

Spring Showers

From the summer-like heat wave to a DRY but more spring-like weekend, we’ll now turn the page to wet weather for the work week… and weRead More

The Heat is Gone

High temps today were a far cry from the last three 90°+ days we’ve experienced.  Yes, in case you missed it yesterday, it was aRead More

May Heat Wave

In order to call it an official “heat wave,” we need to have three days in a row in which the temp reaches 90°+.  AfterRead More

Sing it, Annie!

It’s about time, isn’t it?  Another day of waking up to clouds, gloomy skies and RAIN… It’s maybe a little hard to believe that weRead More

From Soakers to Scorchers…

Have you caught the new weather spot on 7News yet?  Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner says, “From soakers to scorchers, New England weather can change likeRead More

Wet & Windy, Then WARM!

While this is considered a nor’easter heading our way, the northeast winds won’t be overpowering tonight. The main headline on this storm will be theRead More