Bri Eggers

Gearing Up for Turkey-Day

Holy wind, Batman!  Today was a whipping, wild, windy day!  I felt it too.  In fact, this is a picture of me trying to walkRead More

Wind Driven Rain

It may have just been me, but it felt like it got nicer as the day went on!  Even though we lost our sunshine toRead More

Hold Onto Your Hats!

It was nice to have the sunshine back today, but the added chill from the wind kind of canceled that “warm sunshine” out.  Temps toppedRead More

Cold Will Hold

No extra records set this morning, but it was still mighty cold! With the sunshine and light wind, today wasn’t “all that bad!”  I keptRead More


Well, the anchors said exactly that at the top of the 9pm newscast tonight:  “Novembrrrr…” and I do believe that’s pretty accurate.  As I saidRead More


It’s definitely a shock to the system; temperatures dropping from the mid to upper 40s very early this morning… into the 20s as I writeRead More

Next Round of Rain

It was sure nice to have the sunshine back today after three day of rain.  Some of the 3-day rain totals were IMPRESSIVE across theRead More