Bri Eggers

Soup for Dinner?

Yeah, some of you are probably thinking, “I don’t care what you had for dinner, Bri.  Just tell me about the weather.”  Some of youRead More

Wettest Weather is Done

Steady rain making most of us feel a “case of the Mondays” today.  Totals came in between 0.50-1.25″ for most.  Because of that rain andRead More

From One Extreme to Another

The third heat wave of the summer happened last week, and now we’re in store for more “fall like” temps this week.  It really isRead More

Summer Showers & Storms

We continue to track some spotty showers/downpours and thunderstorms – as is typically for these hot and humid days of summer.  Luckily, we’re not watchingRead More

Rolling Through Summer

We missed out on the storm action this evening, with the strong line of storms staying well to the NW of our area.  There wereRead More

Summer is Here

Yes, yes… I see you all on Twitter and Facebook with your “Game of Thrones” references tonight:  “Winter is coming…” I know, but I wantRead More

Fantastic Fourth Forecast

We do love our alliterations in this business, so it’s really just pretty perfect that the forecast for the Fourth looks fantastically fine.  :c)  ForgiveRead More

Better and Better

It was a wild night of weather last night, especially for central and northern New England.  For us here in the Bay State though, theRead More

Repeat Again

Yesterday my blog was titled, “Rinse and Repeat” and tonight it’s “Repeat Again.”  We were tracking some isolated downpours and a couple of rumbles ofRead More

Rinse and Repeat

Full sunshine to start, showers and storms to finish!  This is very typical weather for the summertime – but did you notice a difference inRead More