Jeremy Reiner

Rather Bashful

It appears fall is rather bashful this year with only limited appearances and the most recent (yesterday) is gone before you know it. Temps thisRead More

Chill Out

Second time in a week, we’ve had some morning frost. These were the low temps across the region: Even along the coast/Cape/Islands the numbers wereRead More

I Spy Fall

Yup, definitely felt like fall today! Crisp cool temps all day with a healthy breeze at times. Personally I think it’s about time—I’ve ranted inRead More

Fall? Is That You?!

It kinda, sorta, almost felt like fall this afternoon! That hasn’t happened very much this year…some years are quite chilly and others…not so much… WeRead More

Fall Foliage

Yet another warm day across New England with temps well up into the 70s this afternoon: That makes 7 of 10 days for October withRead More

Zero-Sum Game

Looking back at the temperatures for meteorological spring (March, April, May), it was a rather chilly spring (April was warm) so perhaps it stands toRead More

Fall Running Late

Late summer makes a return to New England for the next several days. Today was the first day of the bounce back as sunshine, andRead More

Warm Again

After a couple of cool days, our weather is set to warm up again. We won’t be pushing record heat like last week but ourRead More

Heat Fades Away

Played a round of golf with our sports guy Trey Daerr today, a rematch from our first match back in early July and oddly enough, itRead More