Jeremy Reiner

Ready, Set, Snow!

It’s going to snow tomorrow for much of southern New England–Boston included and….it’s par for the course: Recent Decembers (even the infamous snow blitz seasonRead More

Quiet Until The Weekend

Last night’s storm has set the atmospheric pieces in motion to have a cold pattern evolve, take hold and likely lock in for several weeks.Read More

Wet, Windy And Warm!

An impressive storm cranking across southern Canada this evening. This storm will continue heading across Canada, destined for the Davis Strait (west of Greenland). InRead More

So It Begins…

Winter has begun….well, meteorologically speaking anyway: Meteorologists and climatologists use December 1st-February 28th for climatological uniformity when needing to compare/contrast past data for the winterRead More

On To December!

Closing the books on November in just a few hours, a November that will go into the books as colder than normal (by about aRead More

Atmospheric Trampoline

No big storms in sight as we continue to see our temps bounce up and down from day to day. Weak, fast-moving storms zipping acrossRead More

Tug Of War

Warm….Chilly…Mild….Cool….Warm…Mild…Chilly….That has been our general temperature theme the past week or so. From November 7th-18th, temps were below normal—a healthy stretch considering at one pointRead More

Cold Turkey!

The stormiest part of the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend is behind us! Yahoooooo! Today’s storm, which brought many towns close to an inch of rain, isRead More