Jeremy Reiner

Coming To An End

Like the Sox last night getting their 6 game winning streak snapped in Texas, our stretch of fantabulous weather is coming to an end asRead More

All Summer long

These past several days (for me) have been ideal summer stretch….some hot days–great for cannonballs & beach gatherings and then followed by crisp, comfy nights/mildRead More

Delayed But Not Denied will warm up….yes, the sun will return…no today is not a preview of our summer. Granted, high temps today across the nation do suggestRead More

Brighter Days Ahead

Yet another cloudy day here in southern New England and folks are starting to get restless, worried that Summer ’09 (year without a summer) isRead More

OK…Time To Panic

We’re just outside 24 hours from the Memorial Holiday Weekend kicking off and this type of weather is not gonna get it done! It’s timeRead More