Jeremy Reiner

Dry Out And Warm Up

Another rain day here in the month of April…those May flowers should be something special, eh? Our two day rainstorm is wrapping up as IRead More


A slow moving storm–in Carolina tonight–continues to scrape moisture off the Atlantic and heave that moisture into southern New England. So far, most towns haveRead More

Sun Stays With Us

Now that the drought has pretty much been wiped out of New England (a few patches of moderate drought remain across New Hampshire & Connecticut)Read More

Sunshine Back At It

Nothing like a fast moving cool front to sweep through with just a few hours of showers! We had early sun…then afternoon clouds/showers and someRead More

We Are Cooking!

Weird. A month ago tonight a blizzard was peeling out of town and fast-forward to this evening and we’re coming off an afternoon of recordRead More

Drying out and warming up

The drought has run its course and needed to end. While not official, I think it’s on life support. Check this out: That’s just aboutRead More

Fading Drought

Yet another rainstorm today with most towns picking up close to an inch of rain. If you look back over the past 30 days ofRead More

Rain On The Way!

Even within an unsettled pattern you can sneak in a few fantastic days here & there. That’s exactly what has happened yesterday and today. HopefullyRead More


Last day of March 2017–good riddance to march this year! Three blasts of pure arctic air and today marks the 3rd time we’ve seen plowableRead More