Jeremy Reiner

Meteorological Brouhaha

I have a fair amount of Beastie Boys on my running playlist and this one in particular fits the weather theme the next few days….TheRead More

Spring In New England

I’m not exactly sure how it has taken hold—-springtime in New England that features sunshine, temps in the 60s and little blue cartoon birdies thatRead More

Winter Finishing Strong

This is the last weekend of winter (yahoooooo) and it has been making quite the rally these past two weeks. The past two weekends haveRead More

March Sadness

I took a chance on NC-Wilmington winning their first two games but alas, it is not to be (I have UCLA beating Duke in theRead More

One And Done

Off and on showers through the day adding a bit of an early spring scent to the air today as those showers did a goodRead More

The Winds Of Change

Nasty day with that wind. Midday wind gusts led to dozens of reports of wind damage across southern New England. Here is a list ofRead More

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

That’s a wrap (or at least it will be at midnight) on meteorological winter 2016-2017. Full disclosure, last November I thought with La Nina onRead More

Record Warm Temps!!

As I type this I have the Rolling Stones #Shattered playing, granted the song is about the 70s & 70s lifestyles while for me, inRead More