20th Republican debate

The challenge for Mitt Romney was to stop his slide; for Santorum, it was to expand beyond his conservative base.

Santorum won this debate because he accomplished more of what he had to than Romney did.

Santorum was strong from the start and "played big" — he was not "just a conservative" … And he was both cool under pressure, and thoughtful.

Romney tried hard, and was obviously determined — but it wasn't enough. He was more professional than personal … Plus — once again — he had to spend a lot of time defending his past positions, so he couldn't talk as much as he would have liked to about the economy.

This was the twentieth Republican debate, and I’d say more have been less for the GOP.

Republicans right now are divided; don't have a front-runner, and — unless they're in denial — they may be getting desperate.

My bottom line: the debates have revealed, and magnified, all the weaknesses of all the candidates, and — combined — they have made every Republican — at one time or another — look un-presidential.

Care to debate that?

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