3 people hospitalized, 4 dogs rescued after Plymouth carbon monoxide leak

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WHDH) — Three people were hospitalized and four dogs were rescued Friday morning following a carbon monoxide leak at a home in Plymouth.

Jean Penza said she got a phone call from her sister Friday morning and she knew something was wrong. She said her sister was unable to move and she had family Philip Benevento go over to the house on Gable Lane to check on them.

Police said there was a carbon monoxide leak at the house. When Benevento arrived, he said he called 911 and opened the windows and doors. He said Penza’s husband was complaining about chest pains and he knew something was not right.

Emergency crews responded just after 10:30 a.m. and the victims were taken to Beth Israel Hospital. The two women were released Friday night but Penza’s husband will remain hospitalized overnight due to heart problems.

Four dogs were also taken from the home. They were taken to animal shelter, where their carbon monoxide levels are being monitored.

“It’s scary, real scary,” said Antonetta Penza, after she came home from the hospital. “And the poor dogs, I feel bad for them.”

Firefighters said the leak was caused when the residents turned on the home’s heating system for the first time this season. The family said they have a carbon monoxide alarm but it did not go off.

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