A Look of Fall—Sort Of

 The weather maps are bit ahead of schedule as they look more like something you would see in October versus July! Not in the sense of cold but more about the configuration & intensity of the jet stream. This October-like jet stream is really buckled across North America which has popped a powerful storm across western New York. This storm is responsible for the thunder threat across New England today.

Unlike a typical summer pattern where we usually have to wait until the afternoon heat/humidity pops the thunderstorms this storm system doesn’t need to wait—we already have thunderstorms in New England this morning! The first wave of storms is with us until 9-11am (south to north departure). After that, the sun will come out for a few hours midday & early afternoon. This will combine with the storm system to pop another round  of thunderstorms later this afternoon. This second round of storms will be focused across interior New England but also could be severe. Keep the 7news app nearby for updates on the thunder threat (strong winds , hail & even an isolated tornado is possible in New England later today).

The upshot of this early fall pattern in July is that after the storms melt away this evening a large bubble of dry, comfortable air settles into the northeast for several days this week. Sunshine, daytime temps near 80, overnight lows in the 50s with little to no humidity for several days.