Another Serving of Sunshine

Sunshine prevailed on this Easter Sunday with cooler temps as well.  Thanks to an onshore breeze, the coastal communities chilled out near or just below 50, while inland towns warmed into the mid to upper 50s.  With light winds, it was overall an enjoyable Easter Sunday to take a late afternoon stroll and try to walk of all that ham and dessert you ate.

We cool to near freezing or just below tonight in the suburbs and near 40 in the city.

Marathon Monday features more nice weather as we start off in the 30s around sunrise, warm to near 50 by 10:00AM and in the lower to middle 60s by mid afternoon.  There’s still some question of how far inland a sea breeze makes in Monday afternoon.  At this point, I don’t think it makes it very far.  The wind will predominately be out of the south to southwest around 8-15mph which has a slight right to left component and a tail wind component to it (basically from your back right, to your front left if you’re running along the route).  IF a sea breeze makes it into Boston, maybe we’ll cool into the 50s at the finish line, but I doubt it makes it to Brookline or anywhere west of there.  We’ll likely at least cool down in East Boston, up through Nahant, Cape Ann and of course also cooler over Cape Cod.

Tuesday, temps take a run at 70 as sunshine fades behind increasing afternoon clouds.  Those clouds foreshadow showers that arrive Tuesday night, and even a leftover passing shower or two is possible Wednesday.  By Wednesday afternoon, a cooler shot of air heads in here, dropping the numbers back into the upper 50s with a gusty breeze.

Enjoy the rest weekend, good luck to all you runners, and go Sox!  #BostonStrong 

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