Back To The Grind

For many it’s back into the routine…, school, workout…what have you and it’s also back to winter after a nice 4 day break. Hey–at least it’s March 1st on Saturday!

The last week of February is going to be a cold one as the jet stream snap right back to its old habits–flowing up through Alaska which then drives arctic air down across eastern North America (including New England). Our normal high temp this week should be in teh low 40s and except for a few hours this morning from 2am until 5am (as in it already happened)  we won’t see normal high temps for about another week or so.

Today isn’t so bad as the thermometers will hold in the mid 30s for much of the day but a cranky northwest wind will add insult to injury making it feel colder throughout the day. Late tonight is when the arctic air takes hold as many cities & towns find their way into the teens by early Tuesday morning. The colder start to the day also means a colder day overall with afternoon temps only in the 20s.

The only silver lining  (playbook) that I could find in this pattern is that it should keep storms far off the east coast. The only exception will be on Wednesday & Saturday where a storm will throw some light snow/flurries at us but we don’t need shovels & plows..just brooms (if that).

Stay warm.