Bears kill two farm animals in Central Mass.

PRINCETON, Mass. (WHDH) — Livestock owners in central Massachusetts are on the lookout after two separate farm animal attacks have been blamed on a bear.

A sheep owner reported that one of their three sheep went missing one night. Bear droppings and fur were found in the area and a neighbor’s wildlife camera was able to capture a picture of the bear in the act.

"You live in the country, you face different things, you kind of prepare for scenarios that you think are going to happen. But, when it’s a scenario that you’re not prepared for it kind of throws you off guard," the sheep’s owner said.

The second attack was about 6 miles away. Something scaled a six foot link fence and killed a 60 pound goat.

"It’s definitely unusual behavior. The fact that we’ve had a second livestock killed, though it was much smaller and a little bit different circumstances, does concern me," Regional Animal Control Officer Laura Pease said.

A bear was also spotted recently in downtown Athol. That bear was removed from the town by wildlife experts.