Biding Our Time

Sun felt great today. If it weren’t for the chilly breeze, temperatures would have really taken off. It’s about this time of year we can even shed the coat if the sun is direct and the breezes are light – no matter the temperature. I mean, everyone has a different tolerance, but the point is the sun is strong enough to cover the gap. So strong in fact, that if you have a favorable wind and a blue sky, it can really take off. Check out Pittsburgh on the Regional Temperature Map. That will be us soon. We’re just biding our time.

And in the coming days we’ll feel it in the high temperatures. However, there’s not a seat at the table for everyone. Cooling sea breezes will put a serious dent in the high temps along the coast. Don’t expect anything above 50 (which is a stretch in of itself) during the afternoons, courtesy of that 37° water temperature. Warmest spot(s)? Central and Western Mass. Highs there make upper 50s and low 60s. Call it the haves and have nots.

No big storms in sight, no numbing cold. Spring is in full swing.