Bit of A Setback

What an afternoon! Felt good despite the battle we waged against the clouds. Speaking of, after coming out of the gate in the mid 50s this morning, the Cape/Islands went into the fog and fell into the upper 40s. Brr…as mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we gotta respect that cold ocean.

So the disparity continues in the days ahead. Some warmer, some cooler…and on opposite days too. Exhibit 1: tomorrow it will be warmer in SE Mass. than in Northern Mass. and Southern NH. Thursday the roles are reversed. Why? Gusty northwest winds keep away the sea breeze tomorrow, while gusty southwest winds cool down Buzzards Bay, the Cape and Islands Thursday. Even the South Shore will be effected by that cooling wind Thursday.

Homage to the abnormally cold water temps in the low 40s.

Sun’s back tomorrow and will carry us into the late week. I have some reservations about the warmth on Friday and Saturday. With clouds hindering the sun, Friday may turn a little cooler than I’m currently forecasting, whereas Saturday could turn out to be warmer if the showers exit early in the day.

Like Sting (and Shakespeare) said, there’s Nothing Like The Sun.