Calm Before The Wind

The winter that won’t quit still has some fight left. At first that’s in the form of cold and then some patchy snow & wind for Wednesday. It will be a monster of a storm that forms tomorrow but it still looks like it’s a glancing blow for much of southern New England.

Today, we will see the clouds from that storm begin to show up during the afternoon hours. Despite clouds moving in our temps this afternoon will be milder than yesterday—but still below normal–reaching the upper 30s to around 40. The evening hours are dry with temps in the low 30s.

Tomorrow is a stormy day for Cape Cod. A powerhouse storm well offshore will through patches of snow into coastal New England–beginning around 3am. Most of the snow bands will be focused across southern Plymouth/Bristol counties as well as the Cape/Islands. Some patches of light snow are likely during the morning commute for metro Boston but the AM commute will be manageable in & around the city—-it will be much more difficult out on Cape Cod though. The snow showers/flurries will taper off midday with even some sunshine poking through the clouds mid to late afternoon. Our *special* map shows the snow potential with this storm—mainly coating to 2″ for the region with more on Cape Cod.

Wind is a major concern with this storm. Plan on wind gusts along the coast for much of the day between 30-40 mph and out on Cape Cod/Islands that wind will gust between 45-55 mph with some gusts over 60mph possible out by Chatham and Nantucket midday tomorrow. This combined with the wet snow will likely lead to some power loss on Cape Cod tomorrow.

After this whole mess peels out of here tomorrow evening, look for milder weather to finally start moving into New England for late week & the weekend!