Celtics prepare for NBA draft

BOSTON (WHDH) — We'll see what kind of poker player Danny Ainge is, heading into tonight’s NBA draft.

First we heard from Danny Ainge.

“Doc’s going to a great situation, a place that he chose to go, and a place that he wants to be. It’s not a place I chose for him to go or a place that I want him to be,” Ainge said.

Then Doc Rivers.

“I called Danny and said listen, I’m staying, I’m coming back, I’m coaching. Then two hours later he told me, ‘no you're not staying, you’re going,’” Rivers said.

Confusion may remain, but this much we know: Doc is gone, the draft is tonight and there is work to be done.

“It's been a little bit distracting, to be honest with you, but we’ve been continuing our draft preparation, draft workouts, film watching, preparing for free agency, doing all the things that we always do,” said Ainge.

Although two of the biggest items on the Celtics to-do list remain unsettled.

“I love Paul and KG, and we haven’t made that decision yet. KG’s under contract and Paul we have an option on, and five days from now and those are very big decisions for us,” said Ainge.

No word on whether those decisions could be expedited tonight in the form of a trade, but either way the C's do have a decision to make tonight and that will come with the 16th pick in the first round. And while the top prospects aren't likely to be available, some mock drafts have the C's looking at big man Kelly Olynyk from Gonazaga.