Complaint Department Closed

With all the ups and downs our New England weather brings us, it’s nice to have the ups during a weekend.  This weekend, it’s certainly a big thumbs up as we combine sunshine, comfortable humidity levels and warm temperatures. 

Sunshine today mixes with a few cumulus clouds this afternoon and as light winds turn onshore at the coast, beach temperatures hold in the 70s while inland temps warm into the lower to middle 80s.  With dew points this weekend staying in the low to mid 50s, it’s only a modest amount of humidity we’ll have to deal with. Sunday’s forecast looks very similar, just a couple degrees warmer.

If you’re heading to the beach this weekend, water temps average the mid 50s across the North Shore and South Shore.  Too cold for me to jump in, so you’re braver than I if you do.  The sand will be warm though, and there will be plenty of sand space around midday thanks to a 1PM low tide.  Waves run 1-2 feet.  The UV index is sky high, so if you don’t wear sunshine, you’ll probably look like one of those lobsters you’re ready to crack open.  Remember, when it comes to the UV index, it’s all about the sun angle and not how hot it feels.  That sun angle is just two weeks away from the summer solstice, so it’s about as strong as it gets.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend!

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