Decent Start, Ok Finish

Overall, it wasn’t a bad start to the weekend with highs in the middle to upper 60s, although we did have a lot of clouds for most and even a few towns picking up a passing shower.  It was a beauty of a day across far southeast Mass, including the Cape and Islands, as sunshine ruled there.

Overnight, the weather goes downhill a bit as a spoke of energy rotates through, providing a few showers and even an isolated thunderstorm.  Most of the rain falls after midnight and before sunrise on Sunday, so the timing of this rain works out for us.

Since those pre-dawn showers are east of us by sunrise Sunday, that allows for a dry and mild start to the day.  However, another spoke of energy and very cold air aloft, moves across Southern New England in the afternoon, and that’ll help spark a few scattered showers and storms in the afternoon.  Although I don’t expect storms to reach severe criteria, gusty winds and small hail are possible in a few of the more potent storms.  Rain chance tomorrow afternoon runs 40% after a dry morning.  Not all towns get wet, and despite the instability of the atmosphere, some dry air trying to mix in may limited that t’storm development.  Don’t expect a washout of an afternoon, but I’d keep the umbrella handy.

If you’re joining 7News and Project Bread for the 46th Walk For Hunger tomorrow, temps near 50 for the rolling start in the morning and near 60 by noon.  We’ll be dry through noon, but if you’re going to be out all afternoon, I’d expect the chance for a passing shower or thunderstorm.  The breeze picks up too.

Monday and Tuesday feature overall quiet weather with temps near 60 and just a slight risk of a pop up shower or storm in eastern Mass.

Longer range, Wednesday and Thursday look good.  Friday and beyond become a challenge. 

You’ll notice a put upper 40s on the board for Friday and Saturday with the chance of showers.  At this point, it looks like a front will be stuck near New England or over New England as a few batches of showers and storms occasionally ride along it. That front will separate the 40s and an onshore wind to the north and the 70s-80 to the south.  It’s a dramatic temp change over a short distance so those numbers I put up are subject to change.  Giving the fact the this time of year favors that cool ocean air overachieving and warm fronts staying south, I’ll stick to the cooler side for now.

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