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 We’ve been tagged by some clouds & overnight showers/storms. It was a piece of the monster storm that hit us back on Wednesday. That storm is much weaker now & its anchored up in the Adirondacks today but a little spoke of moisture clipped us earlier this morning. That spoke of showers/storms is now long gone and we can focus on more pleasant weather.

It won’t be quite as bright as today but despite more clouds it will end up as a great late summer day with temps in the 70s with little to no humidity. Great for the tennis courts, golf courses as well as the Sox and Pats games this evening. Maybe a smidge cool for the beaches but it will be bright at the coast today.

As for the weekend, we are looking good. Yesterday at this time I thought Sunday might feature clouds & some isolated showers but now that weather system is going to move through a little faster so the clouds & shower threat look to occur between 10pm Saturday & 7am Sunday. This sped up timeline will allow both weekend days to be dry and a fair amount of sunshine. Temps for the next several days will be seasonal–mid 70s and no humidity. Some fantastic summer weather indeed. Enjoy!