Fiery car crash kills two teens in Clinton

CLINTON, Mass. — Two teens were killed in a tragic car accident early Saturday morning when the car went airborne after it hit a bend in the road, caught fire and landed in a neighbor's yard.

"He’s gone and it just doesn't make any sense,” said Jennifer Panizo, mother of Keith Dziokonski.

A mother's heartache after a deadly crash. Jennifer Panizo visited the scene of the accident that took her son's life.

“It just hasn't sunk in yet. I thought this would do it and it hasn't. I waiting for someone to tell me it was the wrong person,” Panizo said.

17-year-old Keith Dziokonski was in the car with best friend,18-year-old Luke Martin.

Police believe the two were speeding along Chestnut Street in Clinton when their car clipped a curb, hit a parked SUV and went airborne. Neighbors heard the crash around 3:30 Saturday morning.

“I came out to a big cloud of smoke and by that time I started seeing flames,” said one neighbor, who tried to help the teens.

This man did not want to talk on camera but said he tried to use a garden hose to put out the flames.

“It wasn't working at all. The more water they put the higher the flame got,” neighbor Felix Mendoza said.

Keith was a sophomore at Clinton High School and the oldest of three brothers.

“He was funny he had a really big heart. He was a really big kid 6'6”. He stuck out in a crowd that's for sure,” said Keith’s mother Jennifer.

The crash devastating for those who witnessed it and the families of the two teens killed.

“He enjoyed life and he had a very short one, far too short,” Panizo.

Police said they believe speed was a factor however the accident is still under investigation.