Good For the Pollen

Was like watching water boil as I waited for the rain today. Morning was dry, with a decent amount of sun and plenty of thick air all around.

Then the front plowed south through Northern Mass. And the downpours started forming in the afternoon.

First one hit Lowell with a huge dose of water. Then it spawned more storms throughout the North Shore and Greater Boston. Check out the time lapse above.

That was some water!

Had a slew of emails and tweets about that mysterious yellowish-green pollen wafting around Massachusetts recently. It’s pine pollen and it will only be around for another week before we bid it adieu for another season. But the best way to rid ourselves of this allergen is to wash it away…and the downpours/storms from this afternoon did a pretty good job of that.

What’s ahead? Issue switches from storms to clouds. Lots of ’em. Through tomorrow and into Thursday. Not promising total gray, but sun will be seriously limited with the onshore flow. And the humidity gets the stiff-arm too. Gone but not out…it should return by Friday to fuel more afternoon storms.

Take it easy.