Great Beach Day Ahead

After another cool start, we have plenty of sunshine to warm us up, and warm up we will.  Highs today top the mid to upper 80s for most towns, although beach temps across Cape Ann and Cape Cod average the upper 70s.  High tides runs close to 1:30 PM, so if you’re hitting the beach, the earlier the better as sand space is tight by early afternoon.  Water temps continue to slowly drift up, now in the low to mid 60s.  Dew points run in the 50s today, so the humidity is up a touch, but overall, still in check.

Warmth and the humidity continue to build next week with highs in the upper 80s Monday, and near or just shy of 90  Tuesday – Thursday in Boston and at or just above 90 in the Merrimack Valley.  The storm threat is rather low to start the week, but gradually builds.  A few storms may pop with the daytime heating Wednesday, but the areal coverage is limited.  The higher storm threat is late Thursday afternoon into Thursday night.  The atmosphere will be loaded with moisture, so any thunderstorm will be capable of producing downpours.  We could use the water, and despite just having rain a couple days ago, the lawns and gardens dry out fast this time of year, and will be parched by the time these storms make their way in.  Also, we’ll watch for the potential of some of these storms to be feisty thanks to the high heat and humidity.

How about the Fourth?  Still 6 days out, and timing this front that’ll bring the storms in along it, and the low humidity behind it, is a bit of a challenge.  Right now, we’ll leave the chance for scattered showers and storms to linger into the day part of the Fourth, with perhaps clear for the evening and the rest of the weekend.  Hopefully, we can speed up the timing, but we’ll iron out those details ahead.  At this point, we’ll also keep an eye on the spinning low off the Southeast Coastline.  It may become the first Tropical Storm of the season several days down the line.  It’ll likely stay south and east of us in the long range, but how it interacts with the front toward the end of the week may also dictate how much moisture gets pulled up the coast, and if the opportunity for those scattered showers and storms linger into the end of the week.

 Until then, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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