Herman Cain addresses allegations

"I find accusations disturbing, but false…” Herman Cain said.

He added: "I believe that the character and integrity of a candidate running for president should come under a microscope… Some voters will be turned off by the mere mention of the accusations."

But he still can't end this story.

"There will probably be others….I can't tell you what their motivation is, " Cain said.

Herman Cain is at a tipping point, a point where truth may not be a defense, because the truth may never be known. Cain is still the Republican national front-runner…two points up on Mitt Romney, but it's hard to see how he'll increase his support, much less hold on to all he has.

I admire Cain for confronting the sexual harassment charges directly.

I sympathize with his frustration.

But that doesn't mean I believe him.

How can I? I just don't know enough.

Tomorrow night, there will be another Republican debate. When Cain talks about the economy, what will you be thinking about as you look at him?

The court of public opinion can be crueler than any judge, and, right now, Cain's campaign hurts itself just by talking about the charges.

There's no good way to defend against that kind of distraction.

I’m Andy Hiller, and that’s my instinct

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