Hey Look, Another Weekend!

Short work weeks are sweet, aren’t they? Here we are looking at another weekend. This one is shorter than the last as well as better–especially Sunday. We still have one more day to work through as well as a few issues to work out as well.

These issues aren’t big or serious but clouds have appeared early today. These clouds will hang with us for much of the day but so will the sun and that will boost temps up near 70 by afternoon. In terms of any rain, yes, there is the chance of a few isolated showers and thundershowers. I think the highest chance will be west of I-95 (from Maine to Rhody) and even out there they will be isolated. Unfortunately, they are slow moving so if one pops near you, you may own it for a while. Overall, a decent day for outdoor activities. Grab the rain gear for the Sox game this evening as those showers, while fading, will drift across metro Boston/coastal areas between 7-11pm. Again, isolated in nature.

The weekend starts with clouds but skies will brighten by late morning and certainly into the afternoon. I think coastal areas clear first and the Worcester Hills may not clear until early to mid afternoon. We all have cool northeast wind which will keep temps in the low to mid 60s for much of the region. The weather is cool & dry for that George Strait concert down at Gillette Saturday evening.

On Sunday, High Pressure settles to the south of New England and this drags warm air into the region while maintaining sunshine. #SoChoice with temps in the mid 70s.