Hurry Up & Wait

Scary tornado outbreak in the Deep South tonight. Law enforcement already has confirmed a tornado touchdown near Tupelo, MS earlier this afternoon. And there is late word (as of 5:30pm) of another near Louisville, MS. Both were massive and clearly defined on radar – common traits for outbreaks of this nature. Needless to say, it will be a long night for our friends in the South.

The storm system connected to this severe weather is slowly pushing our way – with a much tamer band of rain – and is due to arrive tomorrow night. Due to the slow movement, there is the potential for flooding rain for our neighbors to the west in PA and NY, but here in New England, we’ll be holding back the rain until Tuesday night and Wednesday. At that point, the storm should release and sail through New England with minimal impact – mostly near 1″ of rain. We’re clearly getting the better end of the deal with this one. Lucky us.

Unfortunately, the temperatures will be miserably cold. Highs only in the 40s through the next two days: damp, raw and windy straight through Thursday morning. However, with the wind turning more southerly on Thursday, we could be knocking on the door of 60!

Right now the timing looks good for the weekend. We’ll rid ourselves of the rain, the raw wind, and the clouds. Not looking at summer weather, but let’s just focus on getting the sun out.