It’s A Start

Didn’t hit 60 in Boston today, but it certainly felt great with the sun. Elsewhere, after a somewhat frosty start in the suburbs, we managed to peak near 70. So have we turned the corner? Are we in the clear for summer in the days ahead.

Um, not exactly.

Tomorrow we build on the slow warming trend. Low 70s are possible, but so is the threat for an afternoon shower or storm. (See graphic to right.) This “threat matrix” (I love typing that) is pretty low for any given spot and EXCLUDES the Cape/Islands –  you stay dry, so enjoy your day. However, if you get a storm or shower, it will take a while to get to the other side and shut off the water. Upper level winds are very light, and there’s really not a lot to push the storms. That  means rain…and the potential for very localized flooding. With the upper levels also rather cold for this time of year, there could even be a little hail in some of the meatier storms.

We’ll wake to gray skies – with some fog possible – on Saturday, but I have faith that the sun will do a good job of gobbling the clouds. Expect a coolish day with the winds from the northeast, however.

Sunday shines and we get back to a bit of summer mode. Ditto for Monday! (We’ll just ignore what comes after.)