Joe Kennedy to run for Congress

Hello, Joe, and welcome to the circus we call politics in Massachusetts.

I know you've seen a lot in your life, but you've never seen anything like what's coming your way one nano second after your announcement video hits the internet tomorrow.

Let's get real here: we have plenty of candidates for Congress, but you're not like any of them.

You're a Kennedy…and, more, you're the Kennedy chosen to keep your family's flame burning in Washington.

Want proof? You're not even in the race yet, and you already have a big union endorsement, and big money backing you.

But it's not really you who earned that…it's your name. People who support you will have huge expectations, some of which no freshman Congressman could meet.

But, no matter–you're a Kennedy, and many voters here think that means you can do anything… While others think everything you do will be wrong. So get ready for a media microscope to follow every move you make. And be prepared for your successes and failures to be blown out of proportion.

It all goes with the territory you officially enter tomorrow. You are about to absorb all the passions that surround your very political family.

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