Last GOP Florida debate

This was it! The last, big chance before Florida votes for the Republican candidates to connect with voters there.

And with the primary too close to call, it was reasonable to "expect anything!" But what we got was more of the same: Republicans attacking one other, largely ignoring President Obama.

So the two biggest losers tonight were Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. They did such a good job of tearing each other down, both were even more damaged by the end of the debate.

If there were a winner, it may have been the memory of Ronald Reagan. The former president appears to be the only person–or policy–the Republican candidates agree on, admire, and aspire to emulate.

And after nineteen, they rested from their work…and no debate was scheduled for another month.

The Republicans have had nineteen debates…enough to make them seem as routine as American Idol.

But if you've missed them, then you've missed the Republican campaign–because you would have seen the rise and fall of all the GOP candidates by watching.

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