Let’s Calm Down Now

Nasty wind yesterday with a few trees meeting their maker as the wind gusted to 50 mph. Spring typically offers some of our windiest weather. The reason being the powerful winter jet stream, while weakening, can still offer some wind with storms AND the sun helps to mix up the air through the process of convection (rising warm air currents) further helps to transport those jet stream winds to the surface.

What helps to ease that wind is High Pressure and that’s just what we have on the way as I blog. For many cities & towns that wind has gone….calm. This area of high pressure will also give us a lot of sunshine this morning. Unfortunately it’s not a large area of high pressure so by afternoon it already begins to depart which will also clouds to arrive. Despite the clouds, temps will reach the mid 60s (mid 50s at the coast). Looks like a great spring day.

Onto the weekend! Yesterday, I sold Saturday as a “washout”……I’m going to back away from that just a bit today as I think the morning showers will taper off by early afternoon to just clouds & patchy drizzle. For some it probably still does sound like a washout but for those of you who need to get to yard work, go for a run/jog or even play some golf—I think these things can be accomplished. It’s still a chilly day though with daytime temps only the 40s.

Sunday is a little better but not great as we will start with clouds & drizzle and then see some sunny peeks during the afternoon. A bit milder on Sunday with daytime temps in the 50s.

Have a great weekend!