Lucky Pats fan headed to AFC title game

BOSTON (WHDH) — One lucky Patriots fan will be in Denver for Sunday's AFC Championship, and his tickets to the game are free, thanks to StubHub.

The Broncos prohibited anyone living outside of the Rocky Mountains region from buying tickets at face value.

Jake Duhaime went to Stub-hub and found two tickets for $40 apiece.

He then learned the posting was an error and the tickets were canceled. So StubHub then gave him two free tickets.

“I'm very fortunate, very lucky in that regard, and very thankful as a Patriot fan that our entire state was frozen out in terms of the Broncos' public sale that there is going to be some representation and there is going to be at least one Tom Brady jersey in the stadium on Sunday,” said Jake Duhaime, going to AFC Championship game.

Patriots are 0-2 in postseason games played in Denver, including the loss in January 2006, which was Tom Brady’s first career playoff loss.