Lunenburg mother only suspect in racist graffiti case

LUNENBURG, Mass. (WHDH) — Police have focused their investigation into the racist graffiti in Lunenburg on the mother, Andrea Brazier, of the boy who was targeted.

Authorities now suggest that the entire incident could simply be a hoax, following a search warrant of the Phillips’ home on Tuesday.

“Most of the leads that we have followed up throughout the investigation have led back towards the house,” said Lt. Mike Luth, Lunenburg Police Dept.

Lunenburg police say Brazier is their only suspect.

The search warrant says that authorities took away ammunition from the house and two cans of spray paint. The warrant also says they were looking for examples of Brazier's handwriting.

“It's hard to believe that a person that lives in this community would do that to their own home and basically shock and devastate a whole town,” said Stuart Leinson, son plays football.

Brazier’s son Isaac was the only black player on the football team and after the family called police to report the graffiti, the school district canceled the football season. The town held a candlelight vigil vowing racism has no place in Lunenburg. Isaac Phillips transferred to a different school.

The police investigation originally focused on football players as suspects, but the students were all cleared earlier this week.

“I feel very sad for the seniors that did not get to play in the last two football games, which obviously would mean so much to them,” Leinson said.

Police have not said how they will proceed with the case, or if there will be an arrest.

The superintendent of schools released a statement defending her decision to cancel the remainder of the football games. The superintendent said it was made with the information available at the time and not as a punishment but in the interest of the safety of the players and the students as well.