Make Way for Whitey

It's one or the other.

Today, a Coast Guard helicopter–at the US Marshals' request–flew Whitey from Plymouth to Logan Airport. And then back to Plymouth.

We finally got to see him! But this was no celebrity sighting…this was just a perp walk fit for a president, as Whitey was accompanied by his new posse–US Marshals and a convoy of official-looking government issued SUV's.

And those are the same vehicles we've seen transporting Bulger for days, up and down route three and the expressway, speeding past all other traffic, as if to say "Make way for Whitey. Bulger on board"

I wouldn't be surprised if Whitey Bulger thinks of himself as a prince of the city, and why shouldn't he? That's how he's being handled.

But Whitey isn't a rince…he's a predator.

And while everyone is innocent until proven guilty, is there anyone, anywhere, who believes Whitey Bulger is not guilty?

I don't think so. I think even his brother, Billy, knows it.

So, to me, the argument about who pays for Whitey's lawyer is a charade, one final cheap trick.

Whitey says the FBI took all his money when he was arrested in Calfornia.

My guess is there's more.

But if we–the public–wind up paying for his lawyer, then so be it!

Given what he's already taken from this community, what's another million dollars in legal fees?

I hope Whitey Bulger is enjoying the ride he's getting…because it's nearing its end.

I’m Andy Hiller, that’s my instinct.

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