Marching On

Judas Priest…I haven’t busted a forecast that bad in awhile. I owe you (as well as myself) a warm, sunny beach day later this summer. The high temps actually did finish close to what I thought (82) but the cloud cover/rain showers that persisted for the day was the killer. Live, learn & move on.

What I have noticed this spring is that the warmth is really struggling to maintain itself in New England. The jet stream continues to carve out a U-shaped position across New England & the Canadian Maritimes. In this type of pattern you can still grab a warm day here or there but extending the warmth beyond that will not happen. I am a little concerned that this might be a signal of our summer…..a somewhat cool summer (not to be confused with a cool and wet summer like 2009 was). No need to jump off the Tobin or cancel beach plans but not every summer is loaded with hot weather.

In terms of the next few days, the pattern is cool once the front from Maine drops into Massachusetts later this morning. The warmest part of our day is this morning until midday with temps near 70 but the numbers crash into the 50s for coastal areas & 60s well inland. Plan on mostly cloudy skies and even a few isolated showers at times.

Tomorrow is cool and raw all day. Cloudy with light showers, drizzle and temps stuck in the low 50s the entire day. By Thursday, we will get the sunshine back and that will at least boost the temps up close to normal…upper 60s. A nice spring day.