Martha Coakley starts on campaign

Al Mac's Diner in Fall River was just one of six stops on the Martha Coakley announcement tour, but they all have the same purpose: erasing the memory of her last campaign, for the US Senate, in 2010.

"And I know that everyone, including me — I am brutally honest on my own performances — we will be honest about the assessment of this race," Coakley said back then.

Three years later, she's still assessing:

Hiller asks: "What were the mistakes that you made?"

Coakley: "I think my biggest regret from last campaign was the perception by people that I didn't work hard, the perception that today lingers. I know that."

This time, she promises, no one will out-work her.

Coakley: "I'm going to do everything I can to get my message across and hear from folks…"

Hiller: "Would you like some redemption?"

Coakley: "That is not my goal at this moment."

Maybe not. But her failure was so personal the last time around, that–this time her entire strategy will be different.

Coakley: "I learned the lessons from that race. People need to see me. They need to see me out. They need to talk to me."

Hiller: "Did you learn humility?"

Coakley: "I did. I actually set out very humbly today on this campaign. I am humble, asking people for their votes."

One day doesn't make a campaign, but–on this day in Fall River–there was nothing phony or arrogant about Martha Coakley.

Instead, she was attentive and warm.

More days like that could put her in the Corner Office.


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