New cookie diet promises to be heart healthy

UNDATED (NBC) — Feed your sweet tooth while staying heart healthy?

That's the promise of a new kind of cookie.

Some say the idea sounds outrageous, but for others, it's the answer to their prayers.

By combining two of the most recommend nutrients – fiber and fish oil – omega three innovations co-founder doctor bo martinsen says it's the super food without the fishy taste.

“How could we put fish oil into very attractive foods? Like chocolate or cookies and at the same time combine it with other nutrient, like soluble fiber, the best soluble fiber there is, is from oats,” said Dr. Bo Martinsen, co-founder of Omega-3 Innovations.

Urith Kipp has fish oil every morning – and credits her fewer worries to omega three.

"It has certainly improved. I've been under a lot of work stress and I know that it helps with that as well – it helps the body deal with stress among other things and so I feel like it's really helped me and my husband who's had some health issues,” said Kipp.

"My tryglicerides, lowered by fifty percent. My bad number, LDL was lowered, my HDL the good number was higher,” said Barry Walpert.

Shedding pounds, a healthier heart and lowering cholesterol… a combination some dietitians think smells a little fishy.

"When I hear diet cookie it sounds like a little bit of conflicted message. It sounds a little too good to be true, which is what people are looking for – something which they can gain a health benefit without changing lifestyle,” said nutritionist Adeana Osika.

The gap between tasty treats and a diet to please the doctor may be shrinking.

Martinsen said the product has been a big hit in Sweden and is trying to get the word out in the United States.