New ‘Goga’ workout promises results

A new exercise program promises all the benefits of a power workout, without the time or sweat.

"Goga" is based on vibrations.

It stands for "get-on-get active", and even though it looks virtually effortless its doing much more work on the body than you might think.

Proponents say ten minutes on the GogaPro is equivalent to one hour of resistance training at the gym.

Using the GOGA machine, your body is continuously being thrown off-balance- causing more than 3,000 muscles to contract at the same time within ten minutes. And the plus side is, you don't even have to wear your gym clothes to do it.

"It helps with toning, firming, flexibility, balance. It increases our seratonin so it makes us happier. And so many other things that, um, go on and on and on," says GOGA studio owner Jan Destasio.

Client Marianne Goldrainer says that she likes the fact that she can do this on her lunch hour in only a matter of minutes and get the same results than going to the gym for a long period of time.

"So it's ten minutes instead of having to work out two hours, and you have the same effect. But it just makes you feel so good," Goldrainer says.