Obama Jobs Speech Preview

After originally scheduling his speech for the same time as the Republican debate Wednesday night, the president punted — re-scheduling it for Friday evening, early enough to avoid a head to head clash with the NFL's nationally televised opening game.

For his speech to be a winner, the president should perhaps take a few lessons from Patriots MVP quarterback Tom Brady.

Most important: The president has to come up with a big play and prove to his fans that he can still get the ball across the goal line. Equally important: The president should demonstrate leadership. Think Brady in the huddle or on the bench. Even Democrats admit there are serious questions about how easily Obama compromises, or caves. In his speech Friday, he must take commandAnd whatever Obama says, he can't make any proposals that will leave him open to Republican punches. Finally, the president can't worry about the number of people hearing his speech. From the scene of the opening game in Green Bay, Matt Lauer told Adam Williams there won't be many there: "I would say that we're in a town of 120,000, Adam. I would say about six of them will watch the president live tonight,” Lauer said.

Well, if I was in Green Bay, I'd be the seventh person watching because — as hard as it is to believe — what the president does tonight may be remembered long after the football game is forgotten.

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