Obama Won 2nd Presidential Debate

Admit it! Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, an independent or just a viewer, your eyes were on President Obama. And so were your ears.

Because you wanted to see and hear if he would recover from his disastrous first debate. And he did.

Obama’s aides promised the president would be strong, passionate, and energetic, and he was all of those…and more.

Romney challenged him- forcefully- but Obama never faltered. Instead, he continually counter-punched at Romney’s record, keeping Romney on his heels. And Romney often looked awkward when he tried to directly engage the president during the town hall debate.

Romney wasn’t bad, he just wasn’t good enough to overcome a president who performed as if this were the most important night of his political life (perhaps because it was).

President Obama won this debate, and dominated it. Losing may not have been an option, but he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. He was focused and confident; in command and in control.

What will be the impact of this debate? For the president, it will stop his slide in the polls. For Romney, it will slow his momentum.

So Democrats can rejoice, and Republicans can grumble. But not for too long. Because the next, and final, Presidential Debate is next Monday, just days away.