One on One with Senator Scott Brown

When he was elected a year ago, virtually everyone was shocked. Now he's the one a bit taken aback:

Andy Hiller, 7News

"What has surprised you most about the Senate?"

Senator Scott Brown, (R) Massachusetts

"Some of the things that I read about what we do there, actually doing them and then reading about them, that's actually been quite surprising. Because you say well you know these people don't talk, they don't do this. It's not true."

The senator says he's kept his word.

Senator Scott Brown, (R) Massachusetts

"I'm not trying to be anything. I'm trying to just continue to just be myself, and do exactly what I said, which was be an independent voter and thinker, be a Scott Brown republican. I think we talked about that before."

He's definitely developed a relationship with President Obama, who he says is a good man, with a good heart.

Senator Scott Brown, (R) Massachusetts

"I'm kind of like you, I don't mind giving somebody a little zing, so whenever we're together I'll say, ‘ah Mr. President, how are you doing, you know with the basketball challenge?'"

Brown's still waiting for his basketball game with the President and Obama knows how to reach him.

Senator Scott Brown, (R) Massachusetts

"He's called a couple of times from Air Force One, I don't know if he's showing off or whatever, but I appreciate his sense of humor, which a lot of people don't see."

Andy Hiller, 7News

"How sorry were you to hear that Vicki Kennedy won't be running against you?"

Senator Scott Brown, (R) Massachusetts

"I love the fact that people say, ‘are you worried about your job, Scott?' No, I'm not worried about my job, I'm worried about your job and other people's jobs. There's going to be plenty of time for politicking."

Politically, much has changed in the past year, but Scott Brown, not so much. He's still open, direct, and serious, with a sense of humor I'd guess is at least as good as the President's. Anyone who challenges him in 2012 will find out fast that 2010 was no fluke.

I'm Andy Hiller, and that's my instinct.

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