Quiet…For Now

We do have another storm heading this way for Thursday. Before that happens, we have the next two days full of winter sunshine and cold temps–especially tomorrow morning. The good news is there won’t be much wind…actually very little wind on Wednesday. The calm before the storm if you will.

OK…so this storm is big and will lead to poor travel across much of the northeast as well as poor air travel up & down the east coast. It is a warmer storm so a rain/snow line issue has presented itself. Snow will change to rain from downtown Boston south along the South Shore & out onto the Cape. The issue is how far inland does that rain/snow line push?

I think along I-495 AND north of the MA Pike is where the storm remains all snow as well as the highest amounts (10″). As you travel between I-495  & Rt.128 the snow totals will come down quickly–perhaps to as little as 2-5″ of snow in downtown Boston (even less along Rt.3/Rt.6). For all of us it’s a heavy, wet snow that will be clingy to things like trees & power lines. You combine  that with wind gusts between 25-45 mph and some brief power disruption is likely late Thursday-Thursday Night. The wind will also try to pile water along the coastline for the 10:30 pm high tide on Thursday, which may lead to some minor coastal flooding (not a repeat of the January 3rd event though).

In any event, the storm quickly exits on Valentine’s Day so keep those restaurant reservations for Friday Night.

More through the day.