Rain Trumps The Snow

Yet another storm heading this way later today as our hyper-active jet stream shows now signs of easy up. The difference for the next two storms embedded within that powerful jet stream is that they will be warmer storms.

This afternoon’s storm arrives around 2pm so rain gear needed anytime after that up until 6pm. Rain means air temps will reach the upper 30s however the ground temps will hover near 32-33 for much of the afternoon so untreated/elevated surfaces will be prone to some glaze later on today-this evening (even in metro Boston). Main roads will have traffic volume to help keep road temps around 35. Also, watch out for some ponding of the water on the roads as storm drains will likely still be clogged with snow.

At least it’s not snow

At first I thought that too but many flattop roofs across the area suddenly have 1-2 of snow on them after this 10 day blitz. Rainfall amounts will have to be monitored the next 2 storms for loading issues/weight issues onto the roofs. This afternoon’s rain totals will be light with most towns between .2-.4″ of rain by evening. More Rain is expected Friday afternoon so it’s an issue to be aware of.

Sandwiched in-between this afternoon’s rain and Friday’s rain is a great late winter/early spring day with mostly sunny skies and warm temps. Highs on Thursday will reach the upper 40s to around 50. I’ll take it.