Rainy Interlude

Still some semblance of summer in the air today. High clouds eventually snuffed out the sun, but not before we hit the low 80s in most spots – including Boston.

What’s cooking in the next 24 hrs. is anything but summery, however. I’d hazard to guess that with highs in the upper 60s and a gusty wind off the water, some folks on vacation will be asking for their money back. It’s looking that ugly tomorrow.

First up, the timeline. Heavy rain has already developed across the Mid Atlantic (between Philly and D.C.) this evening. Weather models show this same batch of rain inching up into the Northeast tomorrow morning:


Leave early if you can. Right now it’s projected to hit between 9 and noon as it approaches from Connecticut and sweeps up to New Hampshire. There might even be a few imbedded thunderstorms as well. This is where we pick up the lion’s share of the rain from our storm system. Leftover showers in the afternoon may still have a few downpours, but they won’t be as heavy or as menacing as the batch that rolls through late morning.

Stiff winds are also an oddball feature in this storm. Ramping up all night and coming from the southeast, they will pile up water along the coast throughout the late morning and early afternoon high tide cycle. Coastal Flood Advisories are up as a result. Gusts could top 30 mph from late morning to mid/late afternoon.

Temperatures are another face-plant:

Upper 60s for some? That ain’t right. At least for mid August.

Now for the good news. None of this storm will stick around for the late week. However, I’m treading lightly on a warm up too. We should be able to nudge 80 by the weekend, but Thu/Fri seem to fall in the sub-80 category.

We’ll have updates throughout the storm. Stay with 7!