Riding The Storm Out

We’re in it now. Although in some parts of Mass. and Southern NH, the storm will fade just as soon as the snow gets going.

Where is that? Here’s a hint. Look at the lower end of the snowfall range:

That’s the easy part of the storm. The rest of Massachusetts is in the crosshairs of a true ocean tempest. Late word from our weather models this afternoon pits a rapidly deepening ocean storm against a narrow band of real estate sticking out over the water: Cape Cod.

It’s easy to scoff at theses models and say that there are too many variables at play to see this kind of strengthening, but we’ve been here before – ala 2-4″ snowfall rates in Thursday’s storm. Storms of this nature are known for hitting hard and fast, and this is no exception.

Now the nitty gritty:

  • Intense snow envelopes all of SE Mass. from the South Shore to Cape Cod in the next few hours
  • Snow is not as intense (read: slow, steady accumulation) elsewhere
  • Snowfall rates of 2-3″ possible from Plymouth to Dighton out to Cape Cod through midnight
  • Intense wind will result along the coast. Expect a ramp up to 50+ by midnight.
  • Minor coastal flooding on the north facing beaches on Cape Cod through 11pm -1am. (We dodged a bullet on this one.)

This storm is NOT in two parts, it’s speedy and tidy, and it’s gone in a flash after midnight. (Give it until 3-4am on the Cape.)

Wind continues into tomorrow, but at least the sun’s out.

More updates through the evening.