Settlement reached in lawsuit with Kraft group

DEDHAM, Mass. (WHDH) — The legal battle over a deadly car crash in 2008 that killed two teens in Foxboro, came to a close on Monday. A settlement was reached with the companies controlled by Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

The jury in Dedham Superior Court was moments away from coming into the courtroom to hear the case, and then there was word to the judge that there was a last-minute settlement.

Attorneys announced they struck an agreement between the families of the victims and the Kraft group. The suit follows a drunken driving crash back in 2008 on Route 1 near Gillette Stadium. Twenty-year-old Debbie Davis and 19-year-old Alexa Latteo were killed in the crash.

The Davis family sued the Kraft group claiming that they allowed underage drinking to take place outside the stadium prior to the New England Country Music Festival several years ago. The victims didn't have tickets to the concert; they paid to enter the parking lot to tailgate.

The Kraft group maintained they weren't responsible because they didn't supply the women with alcohol.

“We are glad that it’s come to a close. I'm sorry that it took so long. It's been five long years. But hopefully, there is a positive message out there to other parents. You know, to check for tickets. And to realize, you know, that whole scenario and keep your kids safe,” said Maryann Davis, mother of victim.

Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. The attorneys left the courthouse without comment. Moments before the jury was set to come into the courtroom, and they were not brought into the courtroom, because there was a last-minute deal that was set up.