Slow Slide Downhill

What. A. Weekend! I hope you had the chance to get outside and enjoy the summer weather we had whether it was on the ball field, the boat, the beach, or just hanging out in the backyard.   With tons of sunshine through much of the weekend, I suspect a few of you are returning to work with one of the first sunburns of the season.  Sunscreen people, sunscreen.

So, a beauty of a weekend has ended, but the warm weather has not.  Temperatures quickly rise toward 80 degrees by midday today, but this time with more clouds in the mix and even the potential of a passing shower or two.   If you take a look at the radar this morning, the showers are quite numerous back through western New England and into New York and that’s what we have to watch.  As those showers push east, the residing dry air and high pressure in place will help weaken many of them, but a few may survive the trip.  So all and all, we’ll call it a partly sunny day with a passing shower, but not a lot of rain overall.

The shower chance and humidity goes up tonight and tomorrow, and then we’ll dry it out Wednesday and Thursday as cooler and lower humidity weather prevails.

Friday brings the next threat of showers/storms.  The should end early Saturday, before clearing out for the rest of the weekend.