Spring Drawbacks

Spring does have some drawbacks……allergies, surprise snow showers and most often….cut-off lows in the atmosphere. These “cut-offs” are a result of our winter jet stream retreating and weakening as it migrates into Canada. As that happens, these areas of low & high pressure system get “cut off” from the jet stream. The result is a very slow pattern of change. Some years New England can get positioned under these slow moving high pressure systems which gives us several sunny/warm days in April and other years it’s the low pressure…I think you know the result (need a hint?…this past weekend’s weather).

This week sees another “cutoff” low head our way. It’s the same one that is currently responsible for the severe weather outbreak in the center part of the country. Thankfully, we don’t have t worry about severe weather around these parts. You can thank that cold ocean to protect us from powerful t-storms but in the same breathe the cold ocean air will keep our temps below normal for much of the week. The midweek rain will eventually scour out the cold ocean air and allow our temps to reach the low 60s by Thursday & again on Friday. That’s also when the sun will make a robust return after it fades away this morning.

Frustrated with the pattern?….me too but better to have it now than June-July.