Status Quo

Although the weekend wasn’t stellar, we’re still doing OK. There’s a lot to be thankful for in this current stretch of weather. Could still be stuck in the 40s and 50s. Could still be looking at chilly onshore winds. Could still be…you get the idea.

Spring/fall transition seasons are fragile. We can easily slip into the cold just as easily as the heat. While I don’t see either dominating anytime soon, there is a little bit of both in the extended forecast…along with a lot of seasonable weather.

First off, the showers firing this afternoon were from a pool of cool air spinning around overhead. There was enough cold air to drop some small hail across Sandwich. Elsewhere, we saw brief downpours from Marshfield to Nantucket. I expect an even smaller chance tomorrow as this pool of cool air shifts east. Oddly, the air temperatures will stay about the same as this airmass is slow to warm from a cool start in the 40s.

But with warm May sun, just give it a day. Wednesday we’ll hop back to the upper 60s with low 60s along the coast – a clear sign of a return of the sea breeze. Then the warm front approaches….and our temperatures go down (sounds counterintuitive, I know). Showers are to blame for that, along with a cool onshore wind. Fear not, we’ll be on the warm side by Saturday, as 80 is within reach!

Make it a good week.