Steering It Back To Normal

What a weekend! Sun did bow to some clouds this afternoon, but the heat stayed put. Mid and upper 80s were common from Taunton to Fitchburg, while coastal communities saw a soothing sea breeze kick in this afternoon, once again capping us at 80° out at Logan Airport.

While we still have some gas in the tank for another run at 80 tomorrow, there will be significant cloudcover and a few chances for a passing shower or two. The system to our west has a widespread area of rain and downpours (see picture to the right). As bold as it seems, there is reason to believe that with sustained weakening (and our dry air gobbling up a lot of the rain) we won’t be seeing a lot of wet weather tomorrow. Passing, brief showers are possible in the afternoon, but it doesn’t look as organized as it appears tonight.

That doesn’t mean Tuesday will stay dry, however. We have our best chance of getting wet on that particular day as this system crawls through the Commonwealth. In addition, Tuesday will signal the start of the temperature slide, which should carry through the remainder of the workweek.

So although we’ve seen some glimpses of summer warmth this past weekend, we also have some setbacks ahead. Seems as though we’ll continue with this Jekyll and Hyde weather pattern for at least the next week.