Sticking It To Winter

Like many teens, I was pretty good at getting under my old man’s skin. After more than my fair share of chew-out sessions – and a clinched hand around the back of my neck when I went to use the lawnmower without any oil – it’s a wonder he still calls me on Sundays. (OK, Mom prods him.) 

So in that rebellious vein, let’s needle Old Man Winter this weekend. Positive spring karma has got to help, right?

  • Throw on some short sleeves in those 50s tomorrow
  • Put in the window screens
  • Yard Sales (Might be pushing it)
  • Put in the A/Cs? (OK, now we’re gonna get a snowstorm)

Honestly, though. These Saturday afternoon warmups are something, aren’t they? 50s last week, 50s this week…and again next week. I won’t speculate, but there are some signs of the warmth surging even higher late next week.

Sunday won’t be nearly as warm. In fact, we’ll struggle to get above freezing. Ditto on the greenest day of the year: St. Patty’s Day. Your fingers may be blue if you watch the parades without the mittens and gloves. Wind chills in the teens?? That’s not mid-March! But like in previous setups, this cold will serve a dual purpose: keep us below normal and steer away a storm for Monday. Could be a few flakes on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, but the rest of the Commonwealth gets away with clouds and cold.

Speaking of, the cold should give way to milder temps – and some wet weather – in the long range. In fact, this is the first 7 day forecast I can remember in a while without a flake of snow in it.

Enjoy your weekend!