Stretching Out The Warm Spell

Phenomenal two-day stretch! Can we make it three in a row?

Well, it would be nice….but I don’t think tomorrow is as bright…or as warm. A weak weather system is approaching with clouds in tow, and instead of a gentle onshore breeze, the wind will be a little stiffer and a little more direct off the ocean. Translated: it’s gonna be cooler. You could squeak out a beach day, but the as the clouds creep up on us in the afternoon, it’s going to feel a little cool in the afternoon.

This isn’t a gargantuan weather system wetting us down by midweek. It looks to be a weaker than I was thinking last week. Nonetheless, the result is the same – a drop into the 60s for a few days. Downpours seem to be limited, and the wettest day seems to be Thursday as another weak low is spawned overhead. Thankfully, this extra batch of wet weather won’t jeopardize anything late week, so the weekend is still looking good. In fact, as this weather system departs, the air will remain comfy and dry – nothing sticky expected until early next week.

Make it a good one!