Study: TV time for toddlers can lead to fussiness

Most parents have used TV to either take a break from parenting or to calm down fussy children.

But a new study out of Boston Medical Center suggests that strategy may have long-lasting side effects.

Researchers found while the bright lights seem to focus a child’s attention they can actually over-stimulate them making them even fussier.

The concern is that kids are missing out on opportunities to learn healthier coping skills.

Another study out today shows how naps are essential for kids to remember what they’ve just learned.

Doctors at the University of Arizona investigated toddlers’ ability to learn things like new words and found they remembered better after having a nap.

Other research has shown how sleep can help boost brain power in adults as well

It turns out the risk for post-partum depression is not just for new moms, dads can be affected too.

More than 10,000 men were surveyed and their answers lead researchers to believe they may be at risk for becoming depressed after they become fathers.

Symptoms increased over the first five years.

The effect was greatest for men who lived in the same households as their children.