Superintendent defends football forfeiture

LUNENBURG, Mass. (WHDH) — The Lunenburg Police Department has cleared members of the High School football team of racist vandalism in town, but after Superintendent Loxi Calmes forfeited the final two games of their season.

Calmes defended her decision to cancel the games saying they did what they had to based on the information they had.

"We make the decisions based on the information on hand at the time and I think that’s clearly laid out in our statement. We always do what’s in the best interests of our students with the information that we have,” Calmes said.

Some parents say the school overreacted.

"They didn't lose it. It was robbed, it was taken away from them,” one parent said.

Others think the school had the right idea.

"It was in good intentions, safety for students, safety for faculty, other games. You have no idea what’s going to happen with all this going on."

The football games are not expected to be made up.