Todd Akin controversy

Today, as I was waiting to see what Todd Akin would do, I looked up the word "insane".

I thought that would be too strong a word to use–too exaggerated–but, actually, it's both accurate and appropriate.

Insane means "utterly senseless"…and that's exactly what the congressman's comments about abortion are.

There can't be a "legitimate rape"–the phrase akin used–because rape involves force, non-consent, and is unlawful.

Therefore, every rape is illegitimate–illogical and illegal.

But now that Akin has decided to put his personal interests over his party's, let me count the ways he will hurt Mitt Romney in the race for the White House:

One: he's likely to make the gender gap even wider.

In a recent poll, President Obama was leading Romney by six points among all voters, but by 15% among women. What do you think will happen to that number now?

Two: Akin reinforces the Democrat's theme there's a Republican war on women. Before Akin, abortion wasn't much of an issue. Now, it will be.

Three: for Romney, Akin's abortion comments are another distraction from what he wants to focus on in this race: the economy.

And, four, Akin has already brought so much attention to Paul Ryan's position on abortion, he had to modify it today. Now Ryan "would not oppose abortion in instances of rape," which–previously–he did.

So Mitt Romney and Republicans don't have to wait for an October surprise to unexpectedly shake up the race…because Todd Akin just did it in August.