Townsend police find no evidence to support abduction claim

Townsend Police say they have found no evidence to support a claim that three teenage boys were the subjects of an attempted abduction earlier this week.

On Sept. 13, three young teenage boys said an older man jumped out from behind a large rock formation and startled them.

The boys said he tried to grab one of them and hit another on the back of his neck. He then ran away into the woods near the Townsend Senior Center and Library.

The boys ran to the police station down the road to report the incident. Police searched the area but said they have not found anything.

The boys said the man was older and had a long gray beard. He was described as wearing a red t-shirt, khaki shorts and either a Boston Red Sox or Boston Bruins hat.

Police continue to investigate, but after multiple interviews with the teens and their parents they have found no evidence to support the claim.


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